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Our Portfolio

We make controlling equity investments in middle market energy opportunities. We evaluate billions of dollars of opportunities every year in order to find the very best partners and opportunities.

Milepost Power

Milepost Power Holdings owns and operates a 850 MW fleet of natural gas fired combined cycle, combustion turbine, and reciprocating engine power plants located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, California, and Montana. Milepost’s plants provide critical reliability service to the electricity grid.

Central Rivers Power

Central Rivers Power owns and operates 45 hydroelectric power plants with a combined installed capacity of 343 MW across the United States. The facilities are located in the river basins of: Columbia, Connecticut, Hudson, Merrimack, Mississippi, Sacramento, Savannah, and St. Lawrence River basins. Central Rivers provides reliable, low-carbon energy to the national power grid.

central rivers power

Serium Energy Storage

Serium Energy Storage is pioneering the use of underground, closed-loop, pumped storage to help meet global decarbonization goals.

Foundation Solar Partners LLC

Foundation Solar Partners LLC is an independent solar development company comprised of industry veterans dedicated to helping landowners realize the most value for their property by hosting clean, green solar farms. Foundation Solar Partners works with landowners, utilities and local communities to develop utility-scale and community solar projects in select markets throughout the US.

SunGrid Solutions

SunGrid Solutions is a leading North American Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) company, providing Turnkey and Balance of Plant EPC services, and integrated enclosed systems (such as its PowerPlay and SimpleOS products), for power generation-to-battery, microgrid, stand-alone energy storage, distribution system and renewable resource coupling applications scaling from 250kWh to over 1GWh.


ETEM acquires operating and retired industrial properties with environmental challenges. They are committed to accelerating the transition from carbon emitting processes to more sustainable alternatives and to accelerating the cleanup of environmental liabilities.

Flatiron Energy

Flatiron Energy is a certified B Corp that develops, owns, and operates large-scale battery storage infrastructure. Flatiron’s mission is to reduce harmful emissions that contribute to climate change and environmental injustice through the development of energy storage projects that replace fossil fuel power plants and increase the availability of clean energy. Flatiron’s team leverages deep expertise in energy storage development, structuring, and asset optimization.